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  • 100 % natural straw.
  • Diameter 6 mm.
  • Moisture 6-12 %.
  • Heat-treated – no fungal spores or moulds.
  • Free of pathogens such as Salmonella sp.
  • Ultra-absorbent – more than 4 times their weight in liquid.


  • No. 1 customer choice for horse bedding.
  • “Lucky Hooves” straw pellets are a premium quality product for bedding, maintaining stable quality and offering an exclusively pleasant experience for horse’s hooves.  They can also be used as bedding for other livestock.
  • They are softer than regular straw pellets and crush rather easily, creating a soft, bouncy, non-slip surface.
  • Maximum absorbency due to their porous structure – keeping bedding extremely dry, improving bacteria control.
  • Odour control – binding the smell of ammoniac.
  • Dust free – protecting the sensitive respiratory tract of the animal.
  • Smart choice – lower consumption compared with regular straw pellets – less “Lucky Hooves” bedding is needed for the same area.
  • Faster and easier clean up – requiring less effort, less material used for scattering and less effort mucking out.
  • Environment friendly – the waste can be used as an excellent fertilizer. Short compost time – carbon neutral in 1 year.

For more information about “Lucky Hooves” straw pellets:

Lucky Hooves straw pellets



Available in small 13 kg packages as well as in large bags of 500 kg or 1000 kg. Different packaging is also available.

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