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The Nordic Eco Group produces and supplies five types of high quality straw pellet bedding:

  1. “Lucky Hooves” straw pellets
  2. Regular straw pellets
  3. Rapeseed straw pellets
  4. Chopped straw pellets
  5. Crushed straw pellets (granulate)

Read more about each type of product.

The main differences between “Lucky Hooves” straw pellets and regular straw pellets are as follows:

  1. “Lucky Hooves” straw pellets, due to their porous structure, have maximum absorbency characteristics, and they absorb more than 4 times their weight in liquid. Regular straw pellets are harder and only absorb up to 4 times their weight in liquid.
  2. “Lucky Hooves” straw pellets are soft and ready to use, and no watering is required because the pellets crush rather easily. Regular straw pellets are harder and might sometimes need watering to break down easier.
  3. Due to their special production technology, “Lucky Hooves” straw pellets produce significantly less dust compared to regular straw pellets.
  4. The volume of “Lucky Hooves” straw pellets is 50% higher compared to regular straw pellets, so less “Lucky Hooves” bedding is needed to cover the same area and form the required bedding layer. This results in reduced consumption of straw pellet bedding by a minimum of 40% and savings of up to 20% in expense.

The Nordic Eco Group is the largest manufacturer of straw pellets in the Baltic region, producing the widest range of straw pellets for horse and other animal bedding. All our straw pellet products are produced in Lithuania.

Standard packages are available in small 13 kg and 20 bags as well as in large bags of 500 kg or 1100 kg. For more specific information, refer to each product description under the category Products.
Different packaging in sizes and materials is also available. Plus, we also offer custom labelling.
For more details on customized packaging, please contact your Regional Manager.

The minimum order quantity is 12 tons.

We like to develop long-term business partnerships and therefore, we support a flexible approach to our partners who order large quantities of straw pellet bedding. The price depends on the quantity. We offer yearly product supply contracts.

The delivery term to any country in Europe is 2-3 weeks after signing the sales contract. However, we ensure faster delivery to our regular customers.
For specific delivery terms, please contact your Regional Manager.

Yes, for your convenience, the order will be delivered to any specified address.

We support our partners with all marketing materials, printed brochures in the local language, product videos, pictures, product samples, sales advantages or any other relevant support material, including taking part in local exhibitions.
The company has a product liability insurance policy to protect our business partners and customers.

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